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The reason why you should choose the REDALERT CCTV system.

Thanks to Alun Evans, Chief Executive of the Crown Security Group and MD of Shield Security Ltd, company managers can sleep a little easier at night.

Alun may not be able to conjurer up new customers or clear overdrafts but he is doing the next best thing he is saving them money. Alun is not a financial advisor but, as one of the most respected security experts in Wales, he has solved the problem of protecting companies, their staff and their profits.

Alun has developed a remote interactive security system, Red Alert 247, that traps thieves in the act using the latest in computer software. Alun says he was driven to finding a different way of protecting his customers. “With the introduction of the minimum wage, manned guardingbecame too expensive. Therefore I had to find a way of improving that level of protection without raising costs.”

Alun turned to electronics giant Siemens to develop a remote monitoring system that not only alerts operators to break-ins but can also hold intruders until police arrive. Alun spent 18 months working with Siemens/Bewator to perfect the system.

Its software creates sensitive areas in the camera’s field of vision that trigger alarms if they are breached. But the amazing feature of this system is that officers back at Crown’s Control Room can detect movement immediately and deal with the incident accordingly. They can open and close doors, luring burglars into a ‘safe area’s where they can be contained until police arrive. They can also use Voice Over IP to talk to the intruder and help police identify them and their location.

Alun has more than 20 years experience in the security industry and Crown is one of the last privately owned security companies left in Wales. He says he turned to Siemens/Bewator after becoming frustrated with traditional ‘passive’ CCTV, which he describes as ‘sadistic’. Alun said, “Most CCTV systems are unmanned and simply records the break-ins, so that managers can only watch what happened the next day, when it is far too late to do anything about it. Red Alert 247 is a manned control system, which means that we can respond to break-ins, alert the police and even contain intruders so they cannot do any more damage. It is the 21st century replacement to manned guarding.”

Local companies are already seeing the benefits of Red Alert 247. Jonathon Haywood of Rexel Senate says the company was experiencing around 12 break-ins a year before it called in Alun of Crown Security to advise. Jonathon says it has transformed the business. “We had a big problem with break-ins and theft as well as vandalism. We were very impressed with the system as it was so much more sophisticated than anything I had seen. We decided it was the only way to go and since the equipment was installed and Alun’s staff have taken control, the company has not suffered any damage or loss.”

Red Alert 247 is already attracting attention from those who best understand the effect of theft, vandalism and fire the police. Alun was recently asked to demonstrate the system to Crime Prevention Officers from across Wales at a special conference at South Police’s HQ. Alun said, “Police have told me that 90% of alarms they have to respond to turn out to be false. I am keen to work with the police so that they know that when they get a call from our control centre it is always a genuine alert and they will be able to stop crime in its tracks.”

The software used by Red Alert 247 means that customers can have the added benefit of viewing their premises via a lap top from any where in the world. Alun said, ”We have found that some of our clients also view it as an effective management tool that has helped them boost productivity and staff management.”

Not only does Red Alert prevent theft, Alun says it can also cut down on arson attacks by catching and holding intruders before they can cause damage. Unlike traditional CCTV systems, Red Alert does not require a major capital outlay and Alun says this makes it ideal for schools. Alun is already working with South Wales Police and a number of councils to help reduce arson attacks that have already devastated local schools in the past year or so.

Alun said, “An arson attack on a school is more than the physical destruction of a building, it destroys a whole community. School fires costs councils hundred of thousand of pounds. The recent spate of attacks indicates that traditional methods such as fencing and community vigilances are not sufficient. I fear the next attack could cost more than bricks and mortar it could be child or firefighter’s life. I am now working with the police and Local Authorities to find a way of reducing this risk.”